ROCAD.BE, A GUARANTEE OF AUTHENTICITY is the Belgian professional association which an antique or art dealer can join based on very specific criteria. Among these, knowledge, experience and reputation play a leading role. Dealer candidates must have had a business register for at least two years. Once accepted, they must complete a two-year internship. Initially, in the absence of written and established criteria, the Chamber had to guarantee the value and credibility of its members to the public. A detailed code of ethics drawn up by one of the former chairmen, Patrick Derom, specifies these requirements today. The antiques market is in continuous evolution. As a quality seal and a guarantee for the client, a membership card bearing the name of the dealer is given to members each year.


Perfectly structured, well-established, located on rue Ernest Allard in the Sablon neighbourhood in Brussels, recognized nationally and internationally, the Chamber today counts 115 members, nearly half of whom work in Brussels. The other members are divided between Flanders, Wallonia and abroad. must fulfill three main missions. First, it ensures the respect of the professional ethics (as defined in a code of ethics). The code specifies the requirements of its members in terms of expertise, the fight against the illegal trade in cultural property, the fight against money laundering, authenticity and a certain degree of discretion. The second mission is to inform the members permanently by providing information and advice on tax, accounting and legislative questions (import and export, customs, ...). Concretely, this means organizing two to three meetings a year and one or two study days whose themes are related to the exercise of the profession. The fact-finding mission also involves a presence at BRAFA and the publication of the directory which makes the members known to the public. The third mission concerns the defense of the art market before public authorities and the defense of its members in general.